Working with hydrogen gas

Meet Esin! Esin Iplik is a phd-student at Linde. She works with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas that burns with an almost invisible flame!

More specific she is working on hydrogen oxyfuel combustion (combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen instead of air) at the combustion lab in Unterschleißheim – Linde Technology Center.

Needless to say, but safety is crucial! Hydrogen needs very little energy to ignite. Even static electricity can ignite the gas. Esin is therefore wearing anti-static, flame retardant clothes for safe handling. Even the gloves and the tools used are anti-static. Wearing wool or synthetic is really out of the question. Additionally, she is wearing eye protection to safely work with pressurized gasses, and safety shoes because of the heavy equipment.

Fun fact: Hydrogen flame is almost invisible, although it is hotter than natural gas flame.

In the HARARE-project we want to use hydrogen as a reductant to produce metals from slag.