Meet Olivia Bogen Skibelid, Frida Vollan and Sander Ose Velle! They are chemistry students at NTNU doing their Bachelor on extracting metals from Red Mud.

Red Mud, or bauxite recidue, is a waste product produced by the aluminium industry. Global annual production of red mud (bauxite residue) is about 150 million tonnes. It contains varying amounts of several metals but is mainly dumped as waste. Red Mud is an alkaline slam and having big pools of this waste is a big environmental problem.

The aim of the HARARE-project is to eliminate waste and valorise materials in CO2-emissions free processes by using hydrogen as a reductant.

Our students use dried red mud and mix it with limestone. Red Mud contains a lot of valuable elements, but in their bachelor, the three students are focusing on extracting iron and aluminium.

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