Fun facts about hydrogen transportation: This huge truck contains only 395 kg of hydrogen, but that is actually a lot of hydrogen!!

Linde transports hydrogen in huge trucks. The volume of hydrogen is 4,400 Nm3, which corresponds to 1.76 Olympic swimming pools at normal conditions. However, hydrogen is transported under 200 bar pressure. This corresponds to the pressure under the sea at a depth of 2,000 m. Due to the very low density of hydrogen, almost two swimming pools compressed to 200 bar will only weigh 395 kg, meaning that these trucks are driving around almost empty, but still completely full …


• In the technical gases industry, we refer to gaseous hydrogen as GH2.

• Linde Type 4500 GH2 tube-trailer.

• Usable volume 4,400 Nm3

• Operating pressure 200 bar

• Trailer weight empty (tare) 32,200 kg

• Mass of hydrogen in the trailer when filled to 200 bar is only 395 kg

• This is because of hydrogen’s very low density of 0.0899 kg/Nm3 (compared to air 1.292 kg/Nm3)