Climate-friendly metal production – why is it difficult?

Climate-friendly metal production – why is it difficult? Most people know that metals are made from ore, but how do we make gold from gravel? That’s the process we must understand to be able to make the metal industry climate friendly. Here are some alternatives for CO2-free metal production. Read this article if you want […]

Extracting iron from Red Mud by use of hydrogen

Extracting iron from Red Mud by use of hydrogen Meet Dr. Ahmad Hassanzadeh! He endeavours to discover a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly approach for extracting iron (Fe) as well as titanium, copper, scandium and rare earth elements (Ti, Cu, Sc and REEs) from the red mud which is waste from the Al industry. It […]

Oral presentation at PADAC2022

Oral presentation at PADAC2022 HARARE was presented at the EU Booth at PDAC2022 exhibition with 17 000 participants! In addition Casper Van der Eijk presented the project at the Horizon2020 workshop: “Hydrogen-based metal recovery from waste”. PDAC: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention is the leading convention for people, governments, companies and organizations connected […]

First physical meeting and our 1 year anniversary

First physical meeting and our 1 year anniversary It’s a wrap! Our first physical meeting and our 1 year anniversary. It was a day full of interesting results, lab tours and a nice dinner. We are well on schedule and motivated for the work ahead!

Best research paper award!

Best research paper award! Our PhD candidate Ganesh Pilla, received the “Best research paper award” at the International Conference on Aspects of Materials Science and Engineering ICAMSE 2022 conference in India, organized by Panjab University, India on 04th – 05th March 2022. Total 120 papers from more than 35 countries were published in Elsevier’s Materials Today: Proceedings. […]

Working with hydrogen gas

Working with hydrogen gas Meet Esin! Esin Iplik is a phd-student at Linde. She works with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas that burns with an almost invisible flame! More specific she is working on hydrogen oxyfuel combustion (combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen instead of air) at the combustion lab in Unterschleißheim – Linde Technology […]

Fun facts about hydrogen transportation

Fun facts about hydrogen transportation: This huge truck contains only 395 kg of hydrogen, but that is actually a lot of hydrogen!! Linde transports hydrogen in huge trucks. The volume of hydrogen is 4,400 Nm3, which corresponds to 1.76 Olympic swimming pools at normal conditions. However, hydrogen is transported under 200 bar pressure. This corresponds […]

Students extracting metals from Red Mud

Meet Olivia Bogen Skibelid, Frida Vollan and Sander Ose Velle! They are chemistry students at NTNU doing their Bachelor on extracting metals from Red Mud. Red Mud, or bauxite recidue, is a waste product produced by the aluminium industry. Global annual production of red mud (bauxite residue) is about 150 million tonnes. It contains varying […]

Oral presentation at TMS2022

Oral presentation at TMS2022 HARARE was presented at the TMS2022. TMS is the annual meeting and Expedition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society that brings together engineers, scientists, business leaders, and other professionals in the minerals, metals, and materials fields for a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary exchange of technical knowledge. This year’s meeting was held in person […]

Recovery of Copper, Iron, and Alumina from Metallurgical Waste by Use of Hydrogen

Recovery of Copper, Iron, and Alumina from Metallurgical Waste by Use of Hydrogen Abstract: Substituting carbon with hydrogen is one of the few ways metal production can potentially become free of CO2 emissions. Moreover, the metallurgical industry produces significant amounts of waste. The present work presents a circular concept that will be pursued in the HARARE […]