Meet the scientists

Extracting iron from Red Mud by use of hydrogen

Extracting iron from Red Mud by use of hydrogen Meet Dr. Ahmad Hassanzadeh! He endeavours to discover a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly approach for extracting iron (Fe) as well as titanium, copper, scandium and rare earth elements (Ti, Cu, Sc and REEs) from the red mud which is waste from the Al industry. It […]

Working with hydrogen gas

Working with hydrogen gas Meet Esin! Esin Iplik is a phd-student at Linde. She works with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas that burns with an almost invisible flame! More specific she is working on hydrogen oxyfuel combustion (combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen instead of air) at the combustion lab in Unterschleißheim – Linde Technology […]

Students extracting metals from Red Mud

Meet Olivia Bogen Skibelid, Frida Vollan and Sander Ose Velle! They are chemistry students at NTNU doing their Bachelor on extracting metals from Red Mud. Red Mud, or bauxite recidue, is a waste product produced by the aluminium industry. Global annual production of red mud (bauxite residue) is about 150 million tonnes. It contains varying […]

Hydrogen reduction in molten copper

Hydrogen reduction in molten copper Meet Gunnar Hovestadt! He is a Ph.D. student at RWTH Aachen and is dealing with hydrogen reduction in molten state. He is part of the copper reduction team and supervises several student thesis in our project.  With his Ph.D. topic Gunnar wants to develop new reduction processes with hydrogen to reduce […]

How to extract iron from Red Mud

How to extract iron from Red Mud Meet Arman H Kermani (to the right) and Per Ivar Friborg (to the left) from NTNU doing small scale experiments at a SINTEF facility. The aim of these experiments, conducted by Arman, is to be able to reduce red mud with hydrogen, producing iron. Red Mud is a […]