New book chapter: Hydrogen Oxyfuel Combustion for Energy-Intensive Industries

New book chapter: Hydrogen Oxyfuel Combustion for Energy-Intensive Industries Esin Iplik from Linde is the first author of the chapter on “Hydrogen Oxyfuel Combustion for Energy-Intensive Industries” which can be downloaded for free here: Hydrogen Oxyfuel Combustion for Energy-Intensive Industries. The chapter is a part of the book: “Clean Energy Technologies – Hydrogen and Gasification […]

Safe use of hydrogen for lab and pilot scale

The purpose of this document is to supply necessary information for safe handlingof hydrogen for lab and pilot scale applications of HARARE project. Whenhydrogen is oxidized with oxygen, the only by-product is water vapor, making itan ideal energy carrier and oxidizing agent for a green environmentally friendlyand sustainable economy. Hydrogen is however commonly viewed as […]

Working with hydrogen gas

Working with hydrogen gas Meet Esin! Esin Iplik is a phd-student at Linde. She works with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas that burns with an almost invisible flame! More specific she is working on hydrogen oxyfuel combustion (combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen instead of air) at the combustion lab in Unterschleißheim – Linde Technology […]

Fun facts about hydrogen transportation

Fun facts about hydrogen transportation: This huge truck contains only 395 kg of hydrogen, but that is actually a lot of hydrogen!! Linde transports hydrogen in huge trucks. The volume of hydrogen is 4,400 Nm3, which corresponds to 1.76 Olympic swimming pools at normal conditions. However, hydrogen is transported under 200 bar pressure. This corresponds […]

Hydrogen as reductant – What does that mean?

Hydrogen as reductant – What does that mean?   Metals exist in the earth’s crust mainly as oxides. It means that every metal atom is attached to one or more oxygen atoms. They form very strong bound, like a marriage. To break these bounds, we need a reductant to steal the oxygen atoms from the metal atoms. Normally carbon is used […]