Best research paper award!

Our PhD candidate Ganesh Pilla, received the “Best research paper award” at the International Conference on Aspects of Materials Science and Engineering ICAMSE 2022 conference in India, organized by Panjab University, India on 04th – 05th March 2022. Total 120 papers from more than 35 countries were published in Elsevier’s Materials Today: Proceedings.

The paper “hydrogen reduction of bauxite residue and selective metal recovery” provides the proof of concept for the recovery of Fe, Al and Na from bauxite residue (red mud) using significantly lower temperatures than roasting or melting processes by using hydrogen reduction:

Ganesh is doing his PhD at KU Leuven

Ganesh is performing hydrogen reduction experiments using bauxite residue pellets as input material in a laboratory-scale furnace

Performing scanning electron microscopy for the identification of the phase assemblage formed after hydrogen reduction of bauxite residue

Chemical analysis (ICP-OES) in order to quantify the recovery rates of aluminium and sodium