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The HARARE consortium is made up of 10 industry and research partners from 4 European countries. Together they aim to demonstrate sustainable pathways to produce non-ferrous metals using hydrogen as an enabler, for removing waste and valorising materials in carbon free processes.

The consortium’s concern and thus the drive to build this initiative, starts with an industry that is key contributor to a sustainable future: the metallurgical sector. The switch to renewable energies requires vast amounts of metals, such as steel and aluminium for solar panels and wind turbines, and copper for bolstering the electricity grid necessary for transport and industry.

However, the metallurgical industry amounted to 70 million tons direct CO2 emitted in 2017. Moreover, the European metallurgical industry is highly dependent on imports. HARARE will demonstrate how the metallurgical industry in Europe can reduce emissions and use raw materials more efficiently.

HARARE consortium

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